TikTok has started to reach a massive audience despite its skeptical perception. The platform is experiencing a shift in user demographics as enormous creators join TikTok. Previously, TikTok was an exclusive platform for younger audiences, especially teens. But for now, diverse audiences are intruding on the platform, exploring the content, and creating their own. Compared to other social media platforms, growing followers through trending videos in TikTok is relatively easy. This result is possible due to the incredible performance of the TikTok algorithm and the significant features of featured content. Other social channels work towards showcasing the content of known and following creators. But TikTok exclusively serves its users with a “for You” page emphasized over the user’s preferred content, even if they don’t know the creator.

In the competitive digital environment, every user is aspiring to grow engagement among their followers. Currently, TikTok is the most viable platform to develop a strong following and personal branding. Also, the brands predominantly aim to buy TikTok likes. Users arrive on TikTok for two main reasons: to create fantastic content, and the other is to get entertained somehow. Gathering engagement becomes straightforward if the creators produce entertaining content. Entertainment can mix various aspects, including humorous shots or insightful videos relevant to the current events or the user’s niche. It is recommended that brands and influencers need to check their competitor’s profiles and observe their posts. They need to find out the type of content that gains them more engagement and present their products to attract an audience.

Ask Questions That Encourage People To Make Choices

Engaging with the audience through questions is a significant way to engage more with the creators. Factors like choices, trivia, questions, and other videos’ formats highly engage the audience, thereby leading to more organic engagement. Creators need to ensure that they keep things relevant and straightforward; only then will people likely share their videos. These are little things that make a significant difference in the reach of the content.

Sharing Industry-Oriented Content

Let it be an industry-transforming event or crucial information recently released, and it makes the followers get tuned with the industry’s happenings. This approach establishes a rapport between the creator and their followers. The creators need to make sure that the information is shared creatively. Also, this is the best way for creators to showcase their industry expertise on the platform.

Adding Value

Like industry-based news, offering some value to the audience is crucial for building engagement. It can be tricks, hilarious content, or just important things that the followers can implement in their daily routine.  

Posting User Generated Contents

Growing followers organically involves a lot of patience, and it cannot happen overnight. The creators need to serve the requirement of the followers by perceiving their needs. This is an inevitable way to grow followers and boost engagement in a business profile.

Utilize Current Trends And Internal Tools

TikTok provides a straightforward method to create content. The app supports the user with various tools, and they need not essentially have prior experience in video editing or require external tools to create incredible videos. TikTok aims to make content creation a simple process. That is why it promotes native videos that are produced without using videography tools or sophisticated cameras. Therefore instead of spending much time editing videos, the creators must invest considerable time learning methods to develop native content in the platform.

Additionally including trending music, involving in challenges, and utilizing new features that support creators to stay relevant and attract a wider audience. That is why regularly exploring the For You page and staying updated on the current trends is essential to growing the creator profile.   

How Brands Take Advantage Of TikTok

In marketing channels like TikTok, it is risky if the creators or influencers are unaware of their activities. However, they can get valuable insights from renowned brands that are already ruling the platform. After then they can plan effectively and begin their progress to fame. The brands in TikTok can utilize the platform in the following ways.

  • Coordinate with influencers to promote their channel and product
  • Run paid ads on TikTok.
  • Can upload their original creative content where users spend most of their time.