‘Instagram Reels’ this term has been murmured by the social media analysts and strategists for quite some time now. As soon as reels was launched, you can find talks about it across all the major social media related websites and even on leading news portals like the NY Times, The Guardian. The reason social applications have moved from the form of an entertainment medium to a commercial medium long ago. Right from small businesses to million-dollar companies are making a large share of their money through social applications. Thus, social platforms have a vast share in deciding the economy of a sector. Hence, every minimal change brought in the social platform will be scrutinized and widely debated. This is the same thing that occurs with reels. As soon as it was introduced, companies began to discuss it and how reels could determine the brands’ social sales in the coming years. Instagram was very wise when it rolled-out the reels. Without introducing the platform globally at a time, Instagram slowed down its process. It introduced Reels in the countries one after the other at a gradual pace. At first, Reels was rolled out in Brazil, which is one of the largest markets for Instagram. Reels received positive reviews there, which provided the confidence to Instagram to expand it further. In July 2020, reels came to use in India, the country with nearly 100 million active users for the platform. In a meager of three months from the day it was launched in India, people’s time on Instagram increased by 13.4%. This percentage shows how reels have been received well in that country.

The reels’ consumption rate is growing substantially as people will start watching the reels as soon as they open Instagram. Thus, reels will gain massive momentum in the upcoming days, turning into one of the crucial business points for brands. Already Instagram has equipped into a commercial platform as nearly 85% of B2C brands are giving huge prominence to Instagram over all other social applications. So, the advent of Instagram reels will make it more critical in the coming years. Brands that made promotions through Instagram stories and IGTV will cause a shift to the Instagram reels in the coming days. So, companies must utilize reels in the best possible way to drive leads and improve their profit at ease. Rather than just stopping itself from offloading reels, Instagram has added many new features to help a user create an attractive reel easily. Instagram allows users to use various AR filters that are open to using for users. If the users feel short of an appropriate background score, they can choose one from the Instagram music library. The library has a distinct range of collection of soundtracks from which the user can select the one that suits best for his reels video. If the user feels that his reels video is not getting the reach it deserves, he can buy Instagram reels views and increase the visibility rate at ease. Since reels have a maximum duration of only 15 seconds, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of time ideating concepts. You have to try to make the viewer watch the video for 15 seconds. So, come up with any exciting idea and brainstorm about how to mold it according to the reels’ characteristics. 

Such a move will help you execute a perfect engaging reel to maximize your growth at ease. Since there are many influencers on Instagram, they might have already started to make videos using reels since their future growth largely depends on the way they utilize reels. So, go through the reels videos of the influencers and tie-up with the one whose reels are achieving a vast reach. Reels will forever be regarded as the one that has maximized the growth of Instagram. Hence, brands must be aware of the measures to improve their growth through reels. They should join hands with the appropriate influencer who could take your brand to the right audience. Hence, reels will be the one that decides the social sales of companies in the coming years. So, uplifting social sales will make it much more vital for reels to bring changes in accordance with the expectations that arise from the marketers.