Currently, we all are coming across Instagram’s new feature, the Instagram Reels, where the users can create short-videos to enhance the engagement of the audience. The Instagram Reels feature is launched over 50 countries. Instagram reels have a lot of editing tools to create engaging videos. If you want to skyrocket success on the Instagram platform, you will need to leverage Instagram reels. You can also buy Instagram reels likes to enhance your engagement instantly.

If you have an Instagram profile or TikTok, you will not face any problem utilizing the Instagram Reels feature. But, if you still do not have an idea of Instagram reels, let’s look into its overview.

Instagram Reels

On utilizing the Instagram reels feature, the users can create and share 15-seconds video content. Nowadays, people are leveraging the reels feature to create unique and authentic content. You can share your reels content on the Explore page too. The Instagram Reels feature includes various editing tools. Some of them are:

     1. Audio

     2. Align

     3. Timer

     4. Speed

     5. AR Effects

On utilizing the above tools, you can create interactive content. 

Instagram Reels Statistics That You Will Need To Consider

Instagram Reels is the latest feature that Instagram launched in 2020. We all would come across the Instagram reels feature, but we do not have a deeper understanding of it. In this article, let’s check out some of the statistics of Instagram Reels, which helps you better understand the feature and how you can include the component in your business marketing strategy.

     1. According to a study, the Instagram Reels feature was launched in Brazil and Cenas in 2019. We may have a doubt why did they launch the feature first in Brazil. It is because Brazil is one of the countries that have the largest Instagram market. So to grab the attention of the people, Instagram launched the new feature in Brazil first.

     2. By a survey, in June 2020, Instagram reels expanded its exposure in countries such as Germany and France. This stat shows how the new feature is extensively engaging with the audience all over the world.

     3. According to another study, Instagram extended the new feature, Instagram Reels, in India also. The research also shows that there were about 7 million installations during the launch of the component. It shows how people are engaging with the Instagram reels feature.

     4. By a study, the Instagram users in Brazil was increased by about 4.34% after the launch of the Instagram reels. There will be only a 1% increase in Instagram users every month. But after the launch of its new feature, the growth was immense. It shows that the users are more engaging to the Instagram Reels feature.

     5. According to a survey, after the launch of the Instagram Reels feature from July 12th – August 16th, 2020, the rise in the Instagram users increased in India. The Instagram downloads rose from 7 million to 7.8 million after the launch of the reels feature. There is an increase of 11.4% downloads. This stat shows how the Instagram reels feature is highly engaging to the audience.

     6. By research, the active users of the Instagram platform in India remained flat after the launch of the Instagram reels feature. There are over 100 million daily active users in India, and it remained flat even after the launch of the new feature.

     7. By a study, the average time spent on the Instagram platform enhanced by 3.5% In India. This increase was after the launch of the Instagram reels feature. This stat also shows how the Instagram reels feature is highly engaging to the users.

     8. According to a study conducted, two-thirds of the NBA’s franchise posted one reel after its launch. This stat shows how people leverage the Instagram Reels feature to enhance their creative side and engage the audience.

     9. By another study, the NBA’s reels got over 22% of engagement than their average engagement. It shows how Instagram reels are increasing the attention of the audience. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram Reels is one of the most significant features that enhance the popularity of your brand and business. If you aren’t utilizing the Instagram reels, it’s time to get started. We hope you got to know how Instagram Reels works in enhancing engagement from the above statistics.