TikTok advertising is evolving at a rapid pace. Before the arrival of TikTok for business, brands need to reach the company directly to know if they have qualified for the advertising. With the introduction of new features and further enhancements, marketers are arriving towards paid ads solutions. Brands can set up their accounts on TikTok ads manager, select the billing country or region and then opt for a business or individual account. TikTok requires some basic information from the user, such as email and password.

Businesses can start by selecting their ad group placements. To get enhanced results and to buy TikTok views, businesses can enable TikTok to select placements automatically. This app appears on the TikTok partner apps that include Top Buzz, New Republic, Babe, and BuzzVideo. Also, TikTok enables brands to target audiences by interests, devices, and general demographics.

Businesses can create custom audiences in some ways that include website traffic, customer contact data, ad engagement, or app activity. Brands need to install the TikTok pixel before launching the ad campaign if they prefer to use ads for retargeting. This feature provides sufficient time to gather traffic data and synchronizes them with TikTok users. TikTok pixel helps in

1. Measuring the performance of the ad campaigns

2. Optimizing ad delivery to an audience who are likely to accomplish the ad campaign goal

3. Discarding audiences who have already converted so that businesses can save their ad budget for necessary clicks or impressions

Once the ad targeting is done, they can work on the ad group’s budget and schedule. Marketers can customize their bidding and optimize the spending for ad budget. If the businesses place a higher bid, they can be viewed by the target audience better than their competitor ads. TikTok provides video and image specifications to develop ad content that looks appealing on TikTok and its partner apps. TikTok offers various creative tools, including a video creation kit, an innovative video soundtrack, landing page to video, and TikTok ad studio.

Once the ad creation is completed, TikTok’s ad preview tool enables marketers to see how their ad appears on mobile devices. Therefore they can continue creating many ads and ad groups for their campaign. After all the campaign’s set up gets completed, marketers can submit them for review. Once TikTok approves the Ad campaign, it can run successfully, and also, the ad’s performance can be monitored in the ads dashboard.

Within campaign reports, the marketers can use filters to extract their data. These filters help to know more about the ad’s performance based on specific metrics and dimensions. The filters include audience demographics, device type, ad creative, and placement. With access to self-service ads platforms in TikTok, advertisers can set their budget caps. TikTok holds a minimum budget of five thousand dollars at the campaign level and fifty dollars at the ad group level. The minimum spend determines whether the ad has a sufficient budget for spending for its ad objectives. 

It is recommended that marketers with smaller budgets should hold on to see if there is a possibility for the decrease in advertising cost on TikTok. This generally occurs in other social platforms when more advertisers join them. TikTok’s inspiration section is a great place, to begin with, advertising practices. TikTok emphasizes successful advertising campaigns that serve as case studies on the platform. For instance, Too faced hosted a brand takeover campaign to launch a lip-plumping gloss. The campaign gathered more than seven million impressions and more than one million clicks.

Marketers can customize their ads by name; therefore, it is easier for them to differentiate between ads within the same ad group. Marketers can choose between various calls to action depending on the required results from the audience. They can get their audience to “Download Now,” “Contact Us,” “Sign Up,” Apply Now,” and much more. TikTok provides native analytics representing how the ad performs in terms of clicks, conversions, impressions, and more.

TikTok advertising feels unique from advertising on other social media platforms. But once the brands get familiar with the basics, it brings impressive results for the business. Placing simplicity and directness at the core, brands can quickly get their message across the app’s fast-moving and wide range of audiences.